Alison Price

Alison Price is a consultant astrologer, writer and popular lecturer based in Vancouver, BC. With a diploma from the South African College of Astrological Studies, Johannesburg  (1982), and a certificate from the Faculty of Astrological Studies, London (2010), she writes… Read More »

Arwynne O’Neil

Arwynne O’Neil is a researcher and writer who lives in downtown Vancouver with her partner Rodger and a kitty named California. Her lifelong interest in astrology started at the age of 12 and quickly expanded to encompass not only personal, psychological… Read More »

Christine Linwood

Christine Linwood loves astrology and the deeper bonding it creates with self, soul, and all of life.  When she was eight years old she read her first book about the zodiac.  As twenty-seven, she experienced her first astrological consultation.  In… Read More »

Claire Morriss

Astrology holds intrigue and fascination for Claire Morriss.  As a teenager, growing up in her native South Africa, Claire developed an interest in Astrology.  Since then she has read extensively on the topic to expand her knowledge of this ancient… Read More »

Denise Grams

I work with individuals, couples, and families who seek clarification in their lives.  An Astrological consultation helps people to understand one’s basic nature and needs, embrace their challenges and strengths and learn about the timing of personal cycles and transits… Read More »


Dianne is a constant learner and as astrology is always changing, there’s constantly more to learn–it fits her well. All that Dianne studies, she gets to share with you. So much has changed in astrology over the past thirty years… Read More »

Sukhwinder Gadey

Sukhwinder Gadey is an Astrologist, Tarot Card Reader and Psychic Medium who has been practicing astrology since 2010.  She is passionate about facilitating conversations in which clients are able to explore and master their true potential.  She has served on the board… Read More »

Toby Aldren

Toby Aldren, DFAstrolS, has been serving astrology clients for over 20 years.  He trained with the Faculty Of Astrological Studies and, in 1998, was awarded the Faculty Scholarship for highest exam results overall.  He earned the FAS Diploma in 2014… Read More »