Welcome to the Astrologer’s Den, here we explore all things related to astrology and the many branches.  If you have gazed upon the stars looking to find affinity, the bigger picture, what it all means then you are in a community of peers.  Some find their interest peaked to see how it relates to them on a personal level these people will explore the natal astrology and Sun sign astrology by getting a personal reading or checking in with a local newspaper and seeing what this week’s trend will be.  Then another may be intrigued enough to attend a local meeting and take class thereby becoming quite the pro on deciphering the language of the stars.  They might even become the family astrology where family and friends come to them for advice.  Then we have the individuals who are so passionate about Astrology that they cannot get enough of all things astrological.  These people become the researcher and professional astrologers.   Who look into the past as well the future to become the backbone in this field as well as the sternsman to steer astrology into charted waters guided by the shimmering blanket of stars above.

All skill levels are welcomed into our community which facilitates an open environment of learning.