Apr 05 2024 – Chiron Through The Houses

Let’s begin with one of the most basic objections often found among Astrologers over the ‘instant’ assignment of meaning to newly discovered bodies. This was posted to Facebook around the beginning of March.

Rikki Blythe:

CHIRON!!!?? I think as astrologers we must remember the myth of Chiron is not necessarily the action of Chiron in astrology. It is still too new to really pinpoint it’s action. With Chiron I believe

it’s naming has induced a sought for astrological effect. I think we should look at Chiron in the chart, natal and transiting with fresh eyes. Myths all resonate with us because myths release stories of our innate human nature. We all have a Chiron nature but Chiron in the sky might not actually be so representative of its name sake.

In this presentation I hope to open a deeper understanding of Chiron through both the Myth and the information afforded us through the discovery chart.

I began my study of Astrology in 1968, at the same time taking up what has proved to be a life long interest in Jungian psychology. I first started seeing clients (other than friends) in 1980.

My initial area of interest was Natal and Humanistic Astrology. It wasn’t until I was in my 50’s that I branched out into studying Mundane Astrology, which soon turned into a fascination with Political Astrology. Following Judy Johns death in May of 2008, I was asked to become a co-owner of her Political Astrology email group. I still hold that position.

Over the years I have expanded my Astrological interests through studies in Uranian, Relocational and some Harmonic chart work. Currently I am working to progressively include the long period eccentric bodies (ie Sedna, Eris, Orcus etc.) in my mundane/political work

My ongoing focus, outside of my client practice, is into the longer Astrological cycles and their significance to our understanding of our current world situation.

Meeting details

DATE: Friday Apr 05 2024

venue: on-line via zoom

link: emailed to participants

Thursday Apr 04 2024

time: 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm