June 02 2017 – Unmasking The Ascendant

What your Ascendant Says About You.  Looking at the twelve different rising signs.  How they relate to/differ from the Sun.  How planetary aspects connect and influence us through progressions, synastry, and transits.





Arwynne O’Neill is a researcher and writer who lives in downtown Vancouver with her partner Rodger and a kitty named California.
Her lifelong interest in astrology started at the age of 12 and quickly expanded to encompass not only personal, psychological and generational astrology, but also the study of political and historical cycles.
Arwynne has conducted research and written articles for PlanetWaves.net and co-hosted the Axis Astrology Podcast with Alison Price. You can find the podcast archive, numerous articles, artwork and her personal weblog at mspink.com. If you enjoy astrology combined with colorful pinup art, check out her storefront Piso Mojado on Zazzle.transits.


You are invited to join us for Dinner & Drinks at Stefanos Restaurant located 315 Columbia Street in New Westminister.

We have a table reserved under The Astrologer’s Den from
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

This is an informal social before the meeting to get acquainted with fellow astrology enthusiast.

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