Mar 03 2023 – The Lunar Nodes

The Lunar nodes connect the unremembered past to the known present. The nodes link the previous form of soul to the present soul structure. Although you may not consciously remember your previous incarnation, just check your chart’s South Node of the Moon, by sign and house position and you will find that the cosmic courier has left you some remnants. The North Node represents the new experiences you will have in this lifetime. The uncharted path you have not yet traveled to reach your destiny.

This presentation is an interactive session bring your natal charts to see how the nodes work in your chart.

Host By Inge Lohse

Inge Lohse is a teacher and lecturer. Inge has studied astrology since 1975. She has an Aquarian Sun with an investigative Scorpio Ascendant. Mars and Mercury in Capricorn, she enjoys researching the practical applications of astrology. Inge is a pilot, so, the need to find a reliable source of travel information and accurate weather forecasts became a necessity.

Astrology was the perfect tool to use in her quest. This research developed into her book ‘Astrology for the Traveler – Trip Charts co-authored with Liz Swoboda. Inge is a founding member of the EAS, (Edmonton Astrological Society) since its inception in 1977. She has served on its’ executive for more than 45 years.

Meeting Details

DATE: Friday Mar 03 2023

Venue: On-line via zoom

Link: Emailed to participants on Thursday Mar 02 2023

Time: 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm PST

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