Oct 06 2017 – Jupiter’s Quest Into Scorpio

You are invited to our October’s Meeting Hosted by Christine Linwood who will be presenting Jupiter’s Quest Into the Depths of the Zodiac Sign of of the Scorpion.  Christine will take a deeper look at how Jupiter’s interactions will spend the next thirteen months.   Do  not forget to bring your birth chart to see where Jupiter will brings his bounty.


Christine Linwood loves astrology and the deeper bonding it creates with self, soul and all of life. When she was eight years old she read her first book about the zodiac. At twenty-seven, she experienced her first astrological consultation. In 2006, she decided to take her passion seriously and enrolled in the Long-Distance Studies Program with The Faculty of Astrological Studies. She received her Foundation Certificate in 2014 and continues her studies intending to earn her diploma. Recently, she attended The Practitioner’s Horary Course with the Traditional School of Astrology. To connect, send her an email: christine@skyblueastrology.com




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