Sep 02 2022 – Riding the Waves of Change with Grace

As the dog days of Summer come to a rest we look forward to the calmer days of fall. I hope everyone has enjoyed time spent with family and friends. Since covid has ended I myself have seen the younger generation make a commitment to matrimony which will continue into 2023.  Astrologers” Den would like to welcome back members and guests to the fall session of Speakers and Mundane astrology sessions. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday September 02 2022.  

As we stand on the cusp of the last quarter of 2022, I think we can all agree that more changes are imminent. This presentation is focused on what kinds of changes we can prepare for and how we can use the wisdom of our charts to flow with the energy. As we all know, resistance brings chaos, surrender brings grace. Combining the gift of “applied astrology” with practical methodologies from ancient wisdom and modern psychology, we’ll be better prepared to make the most of our immediate future and beyond.

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A bit about our host Linda Kubota Byrd, she left the corporate world to follow her heart into astrology 25 years ago. Her passion is bringing to awareness unconscious “default settings,” where they came from and why. She integrates astrology into her consulting practice as a conscious awakening coach and energy psychology practitioner. Linda was a guide with the Astrology Hub in 2020 and 2022 and has lectured internationally, most recently with the London School of Astrology. She’s appeared on Good Day Sacramento, and livestreams with The Stargate Experience Academy. She was recently honored to be included in Suzanne Gerber’s “Secret of the Masters” summit. She’s currently a consultant with the Mountain Astrologer magazine and serves as the President of NCGR Sacramento. 

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