Oct 12 2023 – Temperament – The Cloth From Which The Personality Is Cut

Temperament is NOT personality. It underpins the personality, describing a general approach to life. If you cut an identical pair of trousers first from denim, then from silk, you will have two garments serving two very different purposes. Knowing how to measure the temperament of your clients will provide you with an overarching framework into which to place all other chart details.

Hosted By Mj Patterson

Mj Patterson, BA BSc, Bed, Med, CA-NCGR is a founding Director of the Atlantic Professional Astrologers Association and a member of the ASTRO-InvestiGATORS Research Group. Specializing in rectification with clients worldwide, Mj teaches and consults in French, Spanish and English in person and through her online astrology school and weekly radio show (ckdu.ca). Mj is also a systems programmer and web designer. She remains a grateful student of M. Axel Harvey of Montreal.

Meeting Details

DATE: Thursday Oct 12 2023

Venue: On-line via zoom

Link: Emailed to participants on Wednesday Oct 11 2023

Time: 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm PST

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