Sep 01 2023 – Cheiro’s Numerology

Cheiro, who was born, William John Warmer 1886-1936 was an amazing futurist who used Astrology, palmistry, numerology and psychic messages to successfully predict the destinies of many clients some who where distinguished dignitaries.

In this interactive presentation we will specifically look at the procedures Cheiro used in delineating the numbers and understanding their meanings.

Hosted by Sukhwinder Gadey

Sukhwinder’s spiritual journey began in 2007 when she became interested in exploring astrology she contacted the local Astrologer’s Guild in New Westminster where she met like-minded individuals who fast become Teachers, Mentors & above else friends.
In 2016 Sukhwinder began specializing her studies in a branch of astrology called Hellenistic Astrology which was practiced in the first century. She also began a new endeavor by creating The Astrologer’s Den, an astrological group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about astrology.

Going through life’s transitions have given Sukhwinder some insights to offer during Tarot & Astrological consultations. Sukhwinder’s mission has always been about offering encouragement and mentorship through life’s transitions.

Meeting Details

DATE: Friday Sep 01 2023

Venue: On-line via zoom

Link: Emailed to participants on Thursday Aug 31 2023

Time: 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm PST

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