Nov 17 2022 – Saturn’s Ingress Into Pisces

Please note due to some scheduling difficulties November’s Meeting will shift from Friday Nov 04 2022 to Thursday Nov 17 2022.

Saturn drifts into the waters of Pisces in early March 2023 and remains unanchored until February 2026.

Not an easy placement for Saturn, a planet associated with definition, structure, and boundaries, as Pisces represents that which is nebulous, boundless, elusive, and imaginative. Let’s look back at Saturn’s last transit in Pisces to see what might emerge from the ocean depths.

How might Saturn in Pisces unfold and shape our future?

Our guest host Christine Linwood, ISAR C.A.P. is an integrative astrologer inspiring people to connect deeply with themselves through their personal astrology for insight and greater clarity. Her passion has driven serious study and practice for well over a decade. Her website is

Meeting Information:

Date: Friday Jun 03 2022       Venue: Online Via Zoom        Link: Emailed to participants on Thurs Jun 02 2022   Time: 7:30 pm PST

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